(1943) Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man

Alright, well, this wasn’t that great but I still love these universal monster set pieces. The special effects from this era are always entertaining, even though I know many feel the opposite.

I guess my biggest complaint would be The Monster. They were really missing Boris Karloff. This other guy really wasn’t impactive in the role.

Other than that, it’s just kind of a silly film. I think it’s meant to be fun but I enjoyed Son of Frankenstein way more.


(1962) The Horrible Dr. Hitchcock

Barbara Steele is a great lead in this one. The film really managed to pull together a pretty good atmospheric horror with a somewhat twisted and creepy ending.

IT does suffer from some 1960’s flaws such as some choppy dialogue and big jars of poison labeled “Poison”. Overall though, I think this was pretty…alright.

It’s only major downside is that it’s boring. It’s not a particularly lengthy film so I kind of think this is a deal breaker in terms of something I would recommend. It’s an admirable effort for 1962 but it doesn’t withstand the test of time.


(2017) It Comes at Night

I encourage everyone not to read this review before seeing the film. I’ll obviously do my best not reveal any spoilers but to me, everything is a spoiler when it comes to this one.

I’m almost finished with my year of horror movies, 4 more to go I believe but this one may have surprised me the most. First off, the marketing for it was excellent and frankly, everywhere. All of the sudden I HAD to see this film despite knowing nothing about the plot. Take fucking notes people, this is exactly what the film community wants. It revealed just enough to get our interest and the rest left as mystery.

The acting is superb, all of it. It’s so immersive that I didn’t even consider the acting once while I was watching it. They made the scenario they conjured up, about as realistic as possible.

This just wasn’t what I was expecting and this entire project has almost come full circle to mock me. The film took everything I’ve come to know about horror movies in general and tossed them out of the window. All my preconceived notions, real time predictions and plot pattern awareness were voided.

I’m psyched to see this getting the recognition it deserves but I’m also somewhat surprised that most people are finding any value in it. It’s a great film though and one that everyone should see in its entirety.



(1991) The Addams Family

I laughed harder at the little kids play/blood scene than I have in years. You know when you start laughing and it just kind of grows maniacal? My stoned girlfriend was laughing along encouragingly at first while I heckled insatiably and begin to pour tears. I shit you not, the blood just keeps pouring out from these girls and I’m just laughing harder and harder. I realized I was just stoned and the laughter, or just shallow, breathless convulsions at this point, start to make me nervous as a physically couldn’t stop. If your girlfriend ever told you your laugh was cute, this was not one of those laughs.

I finally stop laughing and feel the post laugh endorphin rush. Realizing that’s the happiest I’ve been in months thankfully brought me back down to a comfortable, operational depression.

Awesome movie.


(1972) All the Colors of the Dark

This one jumps straight into the disorientating, psychedelic, sexual nightmare that Edwige Fenech is familiar with. It was great seeing her team up with George Hilton again.

I really enjoyed it for the most part, definitely a solid giallo film. I think I expected a bolder finale but I’m satisfied with the one it has, even though it can seem rushed along at the end.

In terms of just watchability, this isn’t my favorite of the genre. It can tend to seem overly confusing at times and even though everything comes together, I still was left with a slight feeling like I missed something.


(2016) The Belko Experiment

This was pretty much what I expected it to be after reading the description. It’s really shallow and unoriginal but also an enjoyable watch.

Through the mechanics of the setup, once things get going, it can seem very unpredictable. Then the characters get direction and that tension seems to calm down a bit unfortunately. It clings to a generic fast paced kind of thrill for the rest of the film, which isn’t terrible.

I really dug the effects and gore. The kills felt swift and graphic. Every aspect of violence in this movie was really well done, on a technical level that is.

It’s alright, no sense in ranting about this one too much. If it’s supposed to be some clever statement about corporate america, it went over my head.


(2002) May

I can’t wipe the smile off my face, May is fucking incredible.

At it’s heart, it’s a deliciously quirky film meant to make you feel the full spectrum of cringe. The lead actress is wonderful, I haven’t seen someone fully encompass a role like that in a long time. I feel like not everyone can see that talent through the veil of a seemingly odd soundtrack and intentionally clunky storytelling.

That’s the craziness of it all though, it plays out at the speed of a 90’s romantic comedy but yeah, I don’t even know what I’m talking about. It’s probably not as good as I think it is. I don’t even give a shit though, I found it to be so original, creepy and funny.