(2014) Interior

This is currently streaming on Amazon Prime video for free and probably to rent but I swear I just stumbled upon it randomly. Initially, it kind of plunges into the usual, cliche, supernatural film but eventually evolves into so much more.

With these low-budget movies, my complaints usually run so rampant that I just pick the most important ones. I really have only one complaint with this one though and that’s your classic, unnecessary exposition scene. I kept that complaint warming in the oven until the end, figuring it may have had its place but that’s not the case. In fact, the film would have actually been improved without it.

The main actor himself his really charismatic and likable. That’s just so fucking unusual to find in a low-budget film and something we take for granted from experienced cast members.

Anyways, I’m not going to give anything away. I just wanted to put the word out there that this is a really fucking good take on a common horror premise and I enjoyed it quite a bit. The writer/director/actor Zachary Beckler has a promising future in the film industry.



(2013) The Thingy: Confessions of a Teenage Placenta

This movie is seriously so fucking funny and clever. It’s so out of bounds but nothing like some of the “I’m so random” films that have been made recently.

The creature design, as well as the practical effects both rock and the complete ambivalence of the cast to the absurdity was the best part. It’s dynamic, violent and original; a total throwback monument to the 80’s.

However, 1/5 of every fucking frame was blurry. I literally took of my glasses 6 times to make sure. What the fuck is this shit? How can you ruin a movie like this?

Please fix it.



(1973) The Hourglass Sanatorium

This film really taps into my weakness for visually immersive, surrealism horror. It’s psychedelic and dreamlike; the fluidity of the pacing alone is worth merit.

That said, the film was grating to endure and not because of difficult subject matter but more so, it’s just overflowing with so much pretentious and seemingly random bullshit. You find yourself scrambling to piece together metaphors or some kind of tangible timeline. It’s seriously pretty unenjoyable after the first hour or so.

I did not enjoy it.


(1963) Black Sabbath

Black Sabbath is a really fun little anthology with Bava’s stylistic touch all over it. The last segment is definitely my favorite and it just looks fantastic. The lighting is funky as hell and I actually think Bava handled flies better than Hitchcock handled birds (hot take!).

Oh, and Boris Karloff is in it. Definitely check this one out.


(2017) Ravenous

Painfully slow and unkempt, no one gives a shit about their own well being. The picture is overly saturated and most of all, I just don’t give a fuck. I HATE zombie movies right now. Like, I’m over fucking zombies. I’m pretty sure The Walking Dead, while it’s airing, should be an open message to how unoriginal anything zombie related is.

Those are my thoughts on this thing but if you choose to watch it, you should know it’s very well produced. The characters are real and intricate. The situations aren’t all that contrived and the entire scenario is a capable representation of a modern zombie apocalypse.

I still don’t give a fuck.


(2017) Dead Shack

This was a pretty funny horror-comedy but I felt it was kind of suffering from a common problem with indie flicks. It’s this odd timing of dialogue that never feels natural. The only way I could describe it would be to say they cram an extra second (or less) between speech exchanges. It’s odd.

The dad character was so fucking funny though, for that reason alone I’d say it’s worth a watch. It’s nothing spectacular but whatever.


(2017) Veronica

I’m sort of sobered watching Veronica because the premise, truthfully like all Paco Plaza films, isn’t interesting. It really isn’t dude. What is interesting, is how he tackles a tried and true process with his own unique style and somehow manages to deliver another memorable Spanish horror film.

Veronica is drenched in style and technical expertise. The creative aspects are commendable but the wow factor lies in the mechanics.

That’s it man. Paco gives a common stencil of a film life with this. It’s just unfortunate that he didn’t draw outside the lines a bit more.