(1993) The Good Son

I don’t know man, aside from all my preconceived notions about Culkin from growing up with the Home Alone films, this movie is still pretty goofy. It’s a fun little flick though, it is what it is.

The cover art pretty much explains the entire film. There’s no real compelling character exposition to be made, this is simply good kid vs bad kid.



(2004) Seed of Chucky

The first thing my girlfriend said when this movie ended was, “How would you even review something like this?”. That’s the thing about a great Chucky film, they’re not easy to determine.

First off, the Child’s Play films are absolutely, totally conscientious comedies but they also attempt to be legitimate horror films as well, which is where they usually fail. I think Child’s Play 3 was the worst offender of the latter and Bride of Chucky, the most triumphant of the former.

Seed of Chucky is incredibly enjoyable but the laughs are split almost 50:50 between legitimately hilarious and absolutely retarded. It’s a bad movie, I love it, but it’s a bad movie.

Anyways, that’s all I have for you, J Tillz, Redman, stuff, things and yeah, alright.


(2017) Gerald’s Game


I haven’t read the book but after seeing the movie I was just so dumbfounded as to why a story like this would be told this way, I had to read the plot summery. Sure enough, the film seems to at least follow the general structure of the book but I have to say, book and film alike, the ending is really bad.

I feel awful too because I absolutely loved the fuck out of this film up until the final 10 minutes. I thought it was some of the most tension filled work I’d seen in a really long time.

I don’t even know what else to say, I hated the ending and it ruined the entire foundation of the story for me.


(2013) These Final Hours

Alright, so *deep breath*…I suppose I can let this heinously ugly orange filter slide because it could be from the reflection of the meteor or whatever. I still maintain that it’s annoying as fuck and visually straining.

The film itself is pretty good. There’s a lot of creativity involved in portraying the end of the world. I really can’t imagine how people would behave in that situation so it’s always fun to see how filmmakers break that down.

It’s a solid story of redemption and the pressure of the entire scenario is really felt in exponential amounts. There’s a ton of sadness and some really dark scenes. I was very impressed with both the drug use and violence. That’s probably because the first thing I’d do is get really fucked up, assuming I knew I was going to die.

Ultimately, I think it’s good but just not big enough. I need more out of a film like this.


(1998) Bride of Chucky

Yessssss, this is the shit I was looking for. Bride of Chucky is the perfect Child’s Play sequel. It’s engaging, funny and most of all, self aware.

Jennifer Tilly is fantastic and the entire storyline just really works. Totally awesome 90’s soundtrack and some great practical effects. The dolls were definitely improved here.

It’s just fun man, just fun.


(2017) Leatherface

The first, I’d say, maybe 3/4 of this movie is garbage. Strait up shit on almost every level. The acting is shit, the cinematography is shit and the story is shit.

However, the final sequence, maybe the last 20 min of the movie, are awesome. It’s super gory and violent. There’s even a great, clean look to a lot of the shots, utilizing popular, classic angles from the series.

I’m just feeling like this one was a total missed opportunity.