My Favorite Films From Every Year (2020-1895)



(2020) I’m Thinking of Ending Things

Charlie Kaufman seems unrelentingly obsessed with tearing apart and exposing the male psyche. It’s something I love about his films but it also can be depressing how much I relate to them.

Runners- up: Possessor Uncut, Nocturne, Invisible Man, The Rental, Relic, Palm Springs, Shirley, Becky

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(2020) Monsterland: Iron River, Michigan

I have to say, this is the first episode I felt pretty indifferent about. I got the overall themes and everything; it was extremely well-produced but the ending was a bit muddled.

I didn’t really feel like the film expressed why each character deserved their fate to a satisfactory degree.


(2020) Monsterland: Palacios, Texas

Trieu Tran is so fucking badass here, I loved his character.

This was the first ep to directly connect back to a previous one, if even just for a small detail. It’s also just the most straightforward horror story but again, the people and setting were super authentic, adding a ton of life to the film.

I fucking dug it man, not my favorite but that’s not even a complaint as this series has been so good.


(2020) Monsterland: Plainfield, Illinois

This episode is absolutely heartbreaking. It tackles mental illness in a really raw and hard-to-swallow way but remains unique in pivotal scenes that truly express the heartbreak of dating someone who’s mentally unwell.

I gave a PSA warning for the film Swallow and I’ll give one for this. There’s touching moments but this is a film that thrives in the darkness of it all so venture with caution if you even think you can relate. Taylor Schilling is fantastic, as is Roberta Colindrez.

I loved this and hated it, both reflecting the score.


(2020) Monsterland: New York, New York

Wow, what the actual fuck. This episode was fucking awesome.

Topically speaking, it’s the most on-the-nose yet but by the end, the message itself was so perfectly stripped and poignant. Bill Camp was absurdly good and I love the direction it went in as a horror film.

Every single theme from top to bottom, whether it be the big picture of a corrupt organization to a small personal bad decision told the same story. It was a powerful message.


(2020) Monsterland: Eugene, Oregon

Charlie Tahan is fantastic, not only in this but in absolutely everything. It’s another episode of this series where they cast the perfect person to portray a heart-wrenching life circumstance.

The biggest praise I can give it is the filmmakers portrayal of internet communication and influence. The forefront of this films eeriness is subsequent to the sickening subtext.

I fucking loved this episode.


(2020) Monsterland: Port Fourchan, Louisiana

I was pretty unsure how I felt about this episode up until the very end. It’s only 51 minutes but the pacing is very slow. However, Kaitlyn Dever delivers a fantastic and authentic “small town waitress” performance that brings so much depth to her character.

The unrelenting melancholy nature is the sail that keeps this film moving but can also seem very one-note. I’m happy to say I think the strong points overcome the weaker ones, definitely give this one a watch.


(1997) The Peeping Tom

This is another underground Hong Kong horny sleaze-fest. It’s honestly basically a soft-core porno, you know, if Cinemax was down with rape.

All-in-all though, I found it to be pretty rough and boring at parts. I have no problem at all with nudity or even full penetration fucking. It’s the issue of pacing within the film that some of these long masturbation scenes disrupt.

As for positives, it’s very gritty looking and I actually kind of loved most of the lighting and camera work. The story isn’t all that compelling but it’s somewhat unique.

I’m pretty mid on it in general, it’s alright.


(1973) Theater of Blood

I’m surprised more people don’t talk about how Price stars in so many films that culminate is the most impressive fire sequences. This one was particuarly amazing.

As for the entire film itself, just…wow. This may just be Price’s most interesting role yet. He’s hilariously evil and downright manic throughout the entire runtime. The plot revolves around theater but it’s really just a violent, meta-horror-comedy. It’s so stupid but at the same time, kind of genius, much like most films in that sub-genre.

You could even call this a slasher as well. As far as the kills go, the practical effects are dope. Everything is super bloody and over-the-top. I was eating a cheeseburger during the force-feeding scene and almost vomited.

Definitely check this one out, it fucking rocks.


(2020) I’m Thinking of Ending Things

Charlie Kaufman seems unrelentingly obsessed with tearing apart and exposing the male psyche. It’s something I love about his films but it also can be depressing how much I relate to them.

This film embodies that completely. Some people will find it overly confusing, convoluted and while it took me a second watch to really get it, I really enjoyed the challenge.

The theme of time in this movie is showcased in abstract ways that are unnerving and disorientating. There seems to be layers to each scene where the film’s dialogue and visuals are constantly splitting and intertwining. Sometimes strange on-screen instances are ignored completely and sometimes they directly influence the dialogue, as if these characters exist in different planes of reality simultaneously. It’s really fucking cool.

I love this movie. I watched it one night, went to bed, woke up, rewatched it and I’ve been thinking about it ever since.