My Favorite Films From Every Year (2018-1895)

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(2011) Deadheads

I thought this was a pretty cute horror/comedy with no real standout moments but just an overall pleasant vibe.

I can’t rant about it because it doesn’t inspire much commentary but the effects, story and acting are all adequate. It can be a bit vapid in the teen-comedy sense (without the raunchiness unfortunately). I can’t tell if some tits would have made me respect this more or less but yeah, it’s alright.

Oof, that’s all I really have boys.


(2019) Glass

M. Night’s superhero universe is so special to me simply because it’s different. He took the task of creating and growing these characters in a realistic space, which wasn’t guaranteed to work. It’s pretty much universally agreed that Unbreakable is a fantastic film and Split while respected, was divisive. Now with Glass, everything has only become even more divisive as this universe is fully established.

I respected this film so much for not hiding behind itself, the entire plot puts all three characters in the forefront and shines light on all their strengths and weaknesses. It’s clear James McAvoy is the star though. His performance is absolutely incredible.

I enjoyed the entire film and while I can understand a portion of the ending being divisive, I ultimately wasn’t upset and respected M. Night’s vision.

It’s such a long fucking movie that if I were to delve into it more I’d have to reveal spoilers so I’ll leave it at that.


(2017) Most Beautiful Island

I think this just sort of went nowhere for me. It was made from first time director Ana Asensio who showed some promise in terms of building tension but unfortunately the story was just weak.

I also noticed a pretty big difference in the hand cam shots; where some made me nauseous and some felt natural. Overall though, I’d say the technical aspects were more positive than negative.

I’m not really feeling this one but maybe there’s something to appreciate that I wasn’t fully getting.


(2019) Crawl

the CGI in this movie is pretty goddamn exceptional. For anyone that follows this blog, I don’t take kindly to CGI. The storm just looked so fucking fantastic.

I loved the claustrophobic dynamic of the film. If I was read the premise I would have said it could never work but it actually did. The performances are tight and the action itself was very well choreographed.

I think there’s a ceiling on how good a film like this could be, just simply due to the ridiculous nature of it all but this film hit that, and pleasantly so.


(2007) Stuck

Stuck was totally dope for what it was, not traditionally as gory as a Gordon film usually is but pretty brutal for what the plot required.

Mena Suvari did a fantastic job and actually relayed that kind of desperate, anxious panic quite well. The movie is simply fucking suspenseful and paces incredibly well.

In terms of a Gordon film though, even though the body horror isn’t quite there, the campiness is to some degree. At times it can sort of detract but also as a Gordon fan, sort of elevated it personally. I tend to know when I’m being biased and I’ll rate it accordingly. I just really dug this and it was a hidden gem to me, not to anyone else. I have no fucking idea how well-known this is.


(1985) The Stuff

This movie is so popular but it’s really sort of cookie-cutter 80’s horror. The acting is fairly poor, mostly downright cheesy, much like the entire film. However, the practical effects towards the end are awesome and hilarious.

It’s not a good movie but it’s really fun. I can’t see anyone not finding some form of enjoyment watching this.