(1985) Lifeforce

If you told someone the premise of this movie, they would probably sort of roll their eyes but it’s honestly my favorite Tobe Hooper movie. Yes, I like it better then The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

It’s one of those films that has so much going on, which could be easily seem convoluted on paper but just works in the actual execution. It’s not just in the storytelling either but the actual effects. Everything just looks insanely fucking cool.

I fucking love this movie. I was released right in the middle of the 80’s and rightfully so, may just be the most “80’s” horror film I’ve ever seem.



(2009) Daybreakers

The funniest thing about this movie is that I saw the year it came out, I saw the cover, read the description and instantly was turned off. So naturally, I watched the fucking thing anyways.

Now I know guys, take a look at the cover and you’ll wanna whine. “Bennnnn, it’s got a grey filterrrrr”. Don’t worry boys, it has TONS of filters, at least fucking three of them. And what a brilliant fucking idea for a movie too. You just take an already overdone plot and just do it again, but with bigger actors. I mean that’s fucking foolproof.

So what are the good things? Well, it’s not Hollywood in the effects. It does get kind of brutal.

That’s about it.

I fucking hate it. I’m trying to be unbiased but this is pop-gone-punk horror. Just regurgitated trash posing as different trash.


(1899) The Sign of the Cross

This film is actually a pretty powerful, yet satirical portrayal of the Catholic church by Georges Méliès. It was made right in the middle of the Dreyfus affair and really seems, to me at least, like a political statement.

The film from a technical level didn’t offer anything new and was mostly theatrical. However, I still see it as one of the most important shorts of this decade.

no rating/10

(1913) The Student of Prague

This is textbook original execution over original idea, which to me, probably describes 99% of modern film.

It has a really warm look to the surviving film and is actually filled with some genuinely creepy moments, despite possibly being unintentional.

This is probably the first German indie art film, which makes it an essential watch, even disregarding the leaps made in psychological horror here.

I really like this film the more I talk about it. Also, the more I talk about it, the more I feel like it doesn’t deserve to be rated, as it has no real counterpart.

no rating/10


(1898) A Trip to the Moon

Georges Méliès, a director who seemingly dominated this decade, really comes into his own with this short. It shows the pure fascination with celestial objects from a fantasy-horror perspective. There’s tons of creativity with practical effects, set design and quick cuts. It’s also comedic and entertaining, which I believe to be the intended effect.

no rating/10

(1987) The X-Ray Fiend

The message in this short film is pretty obvious. However, just as a piece of horror film history, as well as something shot in this decade, it’s so odd and weird.

Certainly an interesting gender dynamic for the time as well. The comedic aspect is definitely how they were able to pass that off.

no rating/10