(2004) Shaun of the Dead

This movie is just wonderful. I find it hilarious on a personal level but also so intelligently funny that it could go down as one of the greatest horror-comedies of all time.

Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost have an undeniable chemistry and just simply make an entire new breed of film-style. It’s dry, whimsical, crass, darkly funny and wholesomely endearing. It’s seasoned at every layer and really feels like something timeless and special.

I think that sums it up best. I love Edgar Wright and the boys but I’m not sure they’ll ever top this one.



(1983) Cujo

Cujo is a very well-known Stephen King adaptation and one that’s actually very good. Wasn’t that such a compelling opening?

This film is pretty straightforward but excels in the technical work as well as everything involved in training that big, sloppy St. Bernard Cujo. I mean I’m not fucking around when I say that dog is the best actor in this film and that isn’t even an insult to the other actors.

There’s really only two moments that bring the film down a bit. One is this spinning shot inside the car towards the end of the film, which is just sort of silly. The other is the actual ending, which isn’t bad it just ends so abruptly.

I think it’s a fun horror film and preys well on the “sitting duck” defenseless situation. Most of the plot is pretty isolated and it just feels like a nicely trimmed up script. There’s certainly some dramatic portions that don’t even up being fully resolved but hey man, whatever.


(2018) The Predator

First of all, I think the most surprising thing about this film is that is was directed by an extremely capable Shane Black. He’s a man who made The Nice Guys and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. I mean fuck, he was even in the first Predator film. I can’t even begin to explain how bad this film is. I actually don’t know where to start.

I guess I’ll just start with the plot, which is completely nonsensical. This plot is was what mumble rap is to hip-hop. Each scene is so loosely connected; Shane Black seems to want to inject humor and over-the-top CGI action to mask the film’s lack of narrative.

It’s also just a soulless film that doesn’t even attempt to create actually thrilling moments or sustained tension.  It’s literally generic hollywood trash one-liners mixed with meat and potatoes action.

All of the characters are completely unlikable. Keegan-Micheal Key may actually be the only character that feels well cast, considering the entire film plays like a Key & Peel sketch.

It’s fucking terrible.


(2014) Creep

I’m kind of stunned after re-watching this film for a second time because I have to admit, when I saw it upon its release, I wasn’t the biggest fan.

I have to take into account that I had just finished marathoning Duplass’ comedy series The League which I have to believe took some of the immersion away. Creep 2 however, was something I instantly took to so I felt the need to revisit the original to give it another shot.

I’m so glad I did because Duplass’ performance here is incredible. The bathtub alone had me floored. It’s the backbone of the entire film and without him, it just wouldn’t be that interesting.

I don’t think the film is without some faults, some of which I initially was stuck up on. The protagonist makes some somewhat illogical decisions towards the end but nothing that ruined the film entirely.

It’s a great movie. There’s not a whole lot of tricks. It’s a solid script that’s enhanced greatly by some excellent performances.


(2014) Dead Snow 2: Red vs. Dead

I loved the first film in this series and although I haven’t reviewed it yet on here, I saw this one on streaming and decided to give it a go.

It was the same type of fun, totally well-executed horror-comedy. It’s completely over-the-top, gory, violent and just in general does not tread lightly.

I think it’s a great sequel man. It has its limitations but I’m happy with it.


(2018) Venom

This movie is pretty easy to review because it’s basically the same tone as every other superhero film. It steers clear of anything too dark, tons of humor throughout. It’s action packed but also CGI packed.

It’s really not that bad, I actually enjoyed it quite a bit. From a horror perspective it’s fairly disappointing but that’s not what they were going for and that’s perfectly fine.